Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker


A magician attempts to use the power of the Millennium Comet to awaken the legendary Pokémon Groudon.


Great movie made in 2003, from Kunihiko Yuyama. Until now Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker is the best online movie I've seen this year. The ending is like a Hitchcock hit, the final turn of the action that amazes and depresses. Full of strange emotions, it feels more and more hot, this feeling is not only the director's merits, but also the actors. Their speeches are simply delicious. Everyone has their own character and is unique, it's a true power of this movie. Here the most important layer of the film is not the storyline, improbable situations are just the driving force of the film. Skills of actors are just unbelievable, no actor give a weak performance. Now you can stream in HD or download Pokémon: Jirachi - Wish Maker on this page.... Show more

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Countries: United States, Japan
Release: 2003-07-19
Duration: 81 min
IMDb Rating: 5.8
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