Beyond the Walls


Paulo, a young pianist, meets Ilir, a bartender and bass guitar player originally from Albania. They become lovers. Confronted by his girlfriend Anka, Paulo finds himself out on the street. Despite Ilir's misgivings, Paulo moves in with him. One day, when Paulo promises that he will love Ilir for the rest of his life, Ilir leaves the city and doesn't return. A few days later, Paulo finds out that Ilir is in jail, and their relationship faces unexpected challenges.


One of the best movies in Drama genre. I accept that my expectations for this movie were very low before I watched it. It's really hard to distinguish the good from the best. Best of all, you need to find out what makes this important. While watching Beyond the Walls], I had a feeling of shortness of breath, it gets hotter and the screen throws in us with emotions. Beyond the Walls is undoubtedly the production that once again confirmed the artistry of David Lambert and his great talent. Sure there are classic cartoons which everyone like, and they are great. But Beyond the Walls is just non stop awesome from start to finish. I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this website.... Show more

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Directors: David Lambert
Countries: France, Canada, Belgium
Release: 2012-06-15
Duration: 98 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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