Loose Cannons


Mac, the two fisted savy cop finds that he's being saddled with a new partner, a known burn out, to work with him on a new and difficult case. The new partner is, Ellis, an amazing detective, one who puts Sherlock Holmes to shame with his lightning fast deductions. Ellis has a couple of problems. He keeps assuming the personalities of entire casts of television shows. This can be a problem when people begin shooting at them.


One of the best movies in Action genre. Loose Cannons has the most beautiful ending you can think of. Nowadays, fresh movies entering the cinemas, do not have 'something' what this movie got. I'm big fan of Comedy movies. Here the most important layer of the film is not the storyline, improbable situations are just the driving force of the film. Remarkable movie on numerous accounts, and easily a modern classic. There is no place like this website with free movie online so I uploaded this full film here.

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Directors: Bob Clark
Countries: United States
Release: 1990-02-09
Duration: 94 min
IMDb Rating: 4.9
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