Home Alone 4


Caught in the middle of his parents' impending divorce, the now-nine-year-old Kevin McCallister reluctantly accepts to spend Christmas with his dad's affluent new girlfriend, Natalie, at her lavish mansion crammed with the latest hi-tech gadgets. Once more, Kevin will find himself home alone and neck-deep in trouble when Marv - the remaining member of the notorious Wet / Sticky Bandits in Home Alone (1990) and Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992) - and his equally maladroit sidekick wife, Vera, cross paths with him, intent on pulling off the ultimate Yuletide heist. However, Kevin is already an expert in thief psychology, and, this time, the house is bigger, and the crime-fighting equipment is more sophisticated. Will things work out between Kevin's parents? Under those circumstances, can he take back the house?... Show more


At the beginning I want to mark that I really loved this movie and this is my honest review. Home Alone 4 has the most beautiful ending you can think of. I sat for a long time after the broadcast of Home Alone 4 finished, reflecting on my thoughts. While watching Home Alone 4], I had a feeling of shortness of breath, it gets hotter and the screen throws in us with emotions. The director of Home Alone 4 is really a genius. This movie is different, thanks to Rod Daniel... I haven't found this full movie anywhere else so I uploaded it here on this website.... Show more

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Directors: Rod Daniel
Countries: United States
Release: 2002-11-03
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 2.6
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