Breaking Bad - Season 1


The mishaps of two drug dealers trying to survive in the complicated and corrupted world of crime, leading them from the point of working for money to working to survive; all starting with an honest high school teacher trying to make money for his family after finding out cancer hadn't left him much time. While the men are forced to continue the business, they slowly start to figure a way to leave the job as soon as possible and at any cost.


Vince Gilligan made sure that it was a full-scale, epic spectacle. Definitive the tv series which deserve 5 stars out of 5. Breaking Bad - Season 1 has the most beautiful ending you can think of. Vince Gilligan showed us the world on the screen from a different perspective. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a tv show. Vince Gilligan's work is very characteristic. He is a director who creates a climate in his productions, which is his trademark. I decided to upload this great tv show, here on this website.... Show more

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Stream & Watch Breaking Bad - Season 1 (2008) Full TV-Series Online with English subtitles.

Directors: Vince Gilligan
Countries: United States
Release: 2008-01-20
IMDb Rating: 9.5
Watch Breaking Bad - Season 1 Online