South Central


A former gangster fresh out of prison wants to change his life for the better and must save his 10 year old son whose already chosen a gang life.


At the beginning I want to mark that I really loved this movie and this is my honest review. South Central has the most beautiful ending you can think of. It's really hard to distinguish the good from the best. Best of all, you need to find out what makes this important. While watching South Central], I had a feeling of shortness of breath, it gets hotter and the screen throws in us with emotions. An movie highly valued for me. Whoever has not seen let it rush in front of the TV, because this movie just has to be seen. I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy watching South Central just as I do.... Show more

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Countries: United States
Release: 1992-09-18
Duration: 98 min
IMDb Rating: 6.8
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