Spirit Riding Free - Season 1


After Lucky Prescott arrives in Miradeo, she struggles to fit in, but not before befriending a wild stallion, Spirit, who has been wrangled for taming. Lucky persuades Pru Granger to teach her the basics of riding a horse so that she and Spirit can participate in the Saddle Club race.Lucky decodes her father's treasure map whilst camping, sneaking off with Pru, Abigail and Spirit to find the treasure.Lucky and Maricela create a booth for a school fundraiser in the hopes of gaining Lucky Student of the Month, pitting themselves against Pru and Abigail.Lucky and Turo plot to save a horse that is being neglected by his owner, whilst Lucky's father works on fixing a damaged dam before it becomes a danger to anyone.Lucky has Abigail help her plan Pru the best surprise birthday ever, but it soon begins to go badly. When city-turned-country girl Lucky meets a wild mustang named Spirit, she feels an instant connection to the untamable horse. A courageous and natural-born leader, Lucky navigates this new world with her two new best friends, Pru and Abigail by her side. The trio embark on thrilling adventures, find genuine friendship, and discover what it means to be free!... Show more


Great Adventure with a great cast, a good storyline and above all, funny dialogues. Spirit Riding Free - Season 1 is by far the best online tv show production, I've ever seen online. Spirit Riding Free - Season 1 is a new quality in the Animation tv series and everyone should watch it. Spirit Riding Free - Season 1 is the only tv show I saw full, more than once. Every single performance is incredible. Not to mention that it has the best music in a tv show. Believe me, for a long time after the end credits, you feel confused. I just bought this tv show on blu ray and decided to upload full tv show Spirit Riding Free - Season 1 here.... Show more

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Directors: Aury Wallington
Countries: United States
Release: 2017-05-05
IMDb Rating: 6.4
Watch Spirit Riding Free - Season 1 Online