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Some day ZxcMovies may stop working or it may have some downtime, in that case we prepared a list of good streaming sites for you. Streaming has become more and more a lifestyle, a whole mode! And like all things that are successful, it turns out that many people also want to venture there, not really knowing what to do! We have developed a list of streaming sites that are really worth watching in 2021.

Some streaming sites have many requirements and others have less! For this beginning of 2021, we have drawn up for you a list of the best streaming sites of movies and series in English to follow in 2021 and certainly on these sites you will find the most anticipated movies of 2021.

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The selection of the 10 best sites to watch movies, series and anime streaming for free on the web. If you’re looking for the best streaming sites, you’re in the right place! We have tested and bundled the best streaming sites to watch your favorite movies and series. These are selected because they are complete and updated regularly.

The platforms to watch your live videos online (streaming) that we offer are of course quite aggressive on advertising. Unfortunately difficult to find in our selection of sites without advertising.


Once you go to the GoldMovies main interface, you can see a search bar by default. This means that you can easily search for the movie or TV show you want to watch on your computer.

This website also includes a list of the best IMDB movies and you can also jump to a different country category so you can easily search for movies. Although there is a section for members on this website, it is not really necessary to register, so you can choose to register or not according to what you want.


GoMovies is a website that you can also use as an alternative for 123Movies. This website is updated regularly with the latest movies and TV shows. You can also watch the best 100 movies, the latest movies and also a genre section where you can choose the movies you want.

It is a web-based repository of thousands of movies that can be watched for free in an online environment and downloaded to watch in an offline environment. If you want to enjoy online streaming, just install the flash player. The transmission takes some time to load, so be patient to enjoy your favorite movies.


The ffmovies comes with an appearance similar to the ffmovies Website . However, the difference is that ffmovies is up to date with the new movies and is really alive. These websites also give you the advantage of watching HD movies with your computer.

With the ffmovies website, categories such as the Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top IMDB, and Top Rated movies are also made. In addition, movies are sorted by genre, which makes it easier to choose the movies you want to watch.

Almost all movie and tv series lovers want to enjoy their favorite things in HD format. Based on the same system, ffmovies is the provider of HD movies that can be watched online for free and even downloaded for free as well.


Once you have opened Fmovies in your browser, you can watch many movies and TV shows that you can definitely watch on your computer as using the YesMovies or 123Movies website. It comes with a nice interface where all the movies have featured on the main interface.

With this website, you can search for movies by categories such as the most viewed today, the most favorite, the most prominent and the most valued. You can also use the Genre and Country category to choose the videos you want to watch. And also, there is a section called TV Section where you can watch the best TV shows you’re looking for and watch them directly from zxcmovies.

Fmovies is simpy just a collection of the best movies in HD and on the Internet. Instead of keeping movies on their servers, Fmovies basically provides live streaming and downloading of movie links.


Xmovies8 offers its users a wide range of films that are classified according to their genre. In addition, this website is updated regularly so that your visitor has the opportunity to see the latest movies there are today.

However, the movies on this website only date back to 2021. But despite that, it still comes with a wide range of amazing movies that you can watch. And finally, this website will not require you to register before using it.

The search option requires only a keyword if the person does not remember the full name of some movie and then simply opens the results that match the query. However search function on xmovies8 is far from being as good as zxcMovies search function is.


The YesMovies is ​​one of the best streaming website. As a free online movie website that can provide you with the right content. This website offers a great selection of movies that you can watch and also some TV shows of different genres such as drama, comedy, suspense, action and much more.

The YesMovies website will not require you to register, which means you can watch movies as long as you want on the website. This can be a great feature of this website because, other sites will attract you with some free banners, but they will finally ask you to pay.

There are more legal alternatives that you can use apart from using the 123Movies website. You might also consider trying them to have some problems with your computer or mobile device for the longest time you are using the 123Movies website. In addition, we always go with the legal ones like zxcMovies to avoid getting into trouble.


One of the most popular streaming sites back in 2016. At the peak of popularity, 123movie had 10x more users than ZXCMovies now has.